Rent a Chair / Beauty Room


Rent a Chair


Mobile Business

• Provide a service in one location and book clients back to back

• Time wastage traveling from house to house

• Juniors on hand to shampoo your clients

• Shampooing over your bath is unprofessional and uncomfortable

• Maximise earnings with minimal travel costs

• Free advertising package to help grow your clientele

• Free training for latest skills and trends by qualified assessors

• Flexible hours in a professional environment

• Friendly workspace with like-minded people

• Automated booking system

• Set pricing to suit you

• Full range of products can be available within your rental

• Expensive petrol and traveling costs can reduce your earnings

• Advertising costs and word of mouth only travels so far

Back and forth to the wholesalers can be time consuming

• Stuck in a rut undercharging

• Work / Home settings can become stressful and lonely

• Organising your own appointments can be time consuming

• Ongoing cost to keep training and keep up with latest trends

• Domestic environment unsuitable for your business

We offer a great working environment and competitive rates.

If you are interested in maximising your earnings please complete

our online application form and a member of our team will be in
touch shortly.



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