At Leopard Lounge we offer a vast range of colouring services, our Stylists are trained to the highest standard with the biggest names in our industry, We are always excited by new colours & techniques to provide you, our clients with the latest looks & trends. So whether its banishing away those greys or enhancing styles with free hand techniques, Leopard Lounge has it all to offer!

Hi Lights / Lo Lights

This traditional method of hi/low lighting using foil is used to achieve more than one colour in the hair. Hair is woven leaving behind some existing/natural colour while the rest in foil is coloured. This is a great way to go lighter but can also be used as a low light to tone hair colour down.  Adds volume & texture to short & medium hairstyles. Medium to high maintenance but suitable on most hair types & styles.


This free hand technique is designed to complement your look by placing colour exactly where we want it to go, it can high light your best features. This highly skilled technique gives more sweeping hi lights so you cannot tell where the colour begins & ends. This look is very low maintenance & suitable for most hair types & styles.


Adds shine, revitalises & enriches reds & warm tones, or you may want to use to cover those first grey hairs without committing to a permanent colour. Very Low maintenance.


Can help maintain colour & vibrancy, evens out colour & removes unwanted tones on blonde hair, whilst adding warmth & vibrancy into darker colours, low maintenance.

Tinting permanent colour

This technique covers every strand on the head, applied directly to the scalp. This is the only service which covers white hair 100%. We use leading brands & ammonia free for sensitive scalps. Low to high maintenance.


This colour service is a highly skilled technique fading colours on the hair into each other with out harsh lines but so the ends of the hair are different to the top of the hair often lighter, very often toners are used to help create the fade. Low maintenance.

Crazy Colour

A semi-permanent colour for the brave, or for that client who wants to stand out from the crowd. Big selection of colours from pinks to greens, hair must be pre lightened to get true colour & crazy colour can last up to 6 washes depending on hairs condition. Medium maintenance.

Hair Chalk

A fun, inexpensive way to experiment with colour, great for parties, festivals, lasts up to 6 washes. low maintenance.

Colour Correction

Our highly skilled stylist will work through what your current problems are with your hair & find a way of working towards what you would like to achieve in the least harmful way for your hair to remain in the best possible condition. With our expertise we can advise, consult, carry out the necessary tests in a FREE colour consultation where we can put together a plan of action for you to love your locks again!

Bleach blonde/Scalp Bleach

Like tinting, bleach is applied to the scalp then toned to give the perfect blonde shade.

A very highly skilled colour service consultation is advisable as hair has to be in good condition. Stylist will advise on which shade suits you best. High maintenance.

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